Time to Change

We know IT professionals are struggling!
Because we have been there ourselves!

It’s tough to keep up with digital transformation due to the complexity of migrating and integrating technologies while continuing to provide business as usual support with fewer resources.

That’s why

Our tools are developed specifically to help IT professionals deliver stable data analytics infrastructure and tools faster.

Cangler’s unique managed service significantly accelerates and simplifies the delivery of data analytics that scales and adapts to ever changing business requirements.


Cangler re-invents IT operations by providing a modern platform that leverages machine learning to constantly optimize, enhance and personalize your analytics infrastructure

Business Benefits

time to market

Improve visibility
of IT landscape

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Improve system
stability, reliability
and performance


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of IT staff

total cost
of ownership

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Powerful Capabilities

Built on the Cangler platform, and managed by our experts, you have a complete end-to-end capability to enable the quick development, delivery and management of infrastructure and tools to support your company’s most valuable data analytics initiatives.

  • Real-Time Command and Control Dashboard

    Obtain real-time, top-down, drill down visibility including status report of data analytics infrastructure and tools

  • Instant Issue Identification and Resolution Robot

    Automatically monitor, identify, alert and self-heal service disruptions and faults in real-time

  • Predict Demand and Auto-Scale

    Monitor, manage and predict capacity requirements and automatically adjust system performance to meet demand

  • All-in-One Governance Framework

    Single suite of tools and processes to manage user access, data sovereignty, andregulatory compliance

  • Tools Selection and Personalization

    Choose and deploy integrated tools automatically suggested for your architecture and capability requirements

  • Intelligent Configuration Management Agent

    Automatically configure, manage, update and self-document entire technology landscape in real-time

Cangler’s managed service is backed up and supported by a team of data analytics architects and DevOps engineers that work to the highest level of industry service level agreements. The Cangler platform is hosted on multiple cloud providers based on customer needs, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure