Cangler Operating System (cOS)

Once every generation, an idea emerges that has the potential to revolutionize the way people work.

The current state of corporate technology is a mess – making it too difficult, too slow and too costly for companies to benefit from the latest and greatest technologies required to develop an agile, responsive organization that can respond to everchanging market dynamics.

What is needed today is a total re-think and re-design of IT architecture, so companies run on an organization-wide IT operating system.

This is a radical concept that empowers techies to quickly integrate, test and deploy new technological capabilities into business applications and processes without the complexity and high cost of traditional deployment methods.

Simultaneously, the Cangler Operating System enables business professionals to access, develop and share applications and tools in a governed environment that results in faster data-driven decisions and business outcomes.

The Cangler Operating System (cOS), embedded into the Cangler platform, which uniquely unifies DevOps, DataOps and Insight Ops, is transforming companies and employees into innovators.