About Us

We are an early-stage B2B SAAS social impact startup in the Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence domain. Although we are a profitable corporation, we are first and foremost a social impact enterprise (also known as a B corporation) which balances purpose and profit.

We are a team of innovators and creators, each inquisitive in nature and with a growth mindset, who have a thirst for technological innovation and seek to challenge the status quo.

We run lean, and regularly collaborate together, to develop cutting edge innovative solutions for the world’s biggest problems. Our approach is to take a methodical data-driven approach to our decision making where we analyse the results of various experiments to gain a deep understanding of the market and the problems we are solving so we can ensure that we bring only the best, most innovative, most effective, most efficient, most relevant, and most disruptive solutions to market.

We believe that the world’s biggest problems are solvable, they simply have not been solved yet as the solution has not yet been discovered and implemented in a scalable, and sustainable, way. Cangler is the epitome of the art of the possible - when we are presented with a big challenge we say We Can!

We follow the Lean Startup Approach with agile development and continuous customer feedback through ongoing customer development & experiments. We test ideas quickly, fail fast, experiment, prototype, and always approach problems with an objective, open mind, and let the data tell us what the solution is.